v Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for children aged 2-14 (National Center for Health Statistics)

v In 2003, traffic accidents killed 6 children under the age of 14 each day and injured 694 daily. (National Highway Safety Traffic Administration)

v 53% of fatal head injuries in an eight year study were to children who were playing in the street when injured (American Journal of Public Health)

v Two thirds of children who are hurt or killed in traffic accidents are struck and injured within several blocks (.25 miles) of their homes (American Journal of Public Health)

Tommi Talks Safety In and Around CARS Activity Booklets demonstrate everyday examples of Motor Vehicle Safety hazards in a coloring-style booklet to drive home the message of motor vehicle and road safety. Puzzles and projects are entertaining to hold the child’s interest so that the activities may strengthen and drive home the messages of our motor vehicle safety Storybook, Tommi's Worst Day Ever.

The overall effect of your distribution of these activity books is to promote hours of personal reading and learning through activities, driving the message home without the need for lecture by reaching them with powerful points the child just can’t leave behind. Together, we can help prevent childhood injuries and/or deaths, one story at a time.

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