With the precarious state of our children’s safety throughout the World, Tommi Talks Safety is a great addition to your Safety Program because, after you’ve done your reading or lecture, you hand out these extensive Activity Booklets and the teaching goes on and on.

Mazes, SUDOKO, crossword puzzles, word searches, cryptograms and even a board game all present actual learning experiences on safety issues regarding bicycling, poison, motor vehicles, falls and more. The puzzles are based on the safety tips presented in the booklet itself. This is a must-have learning tool.

A 9-1-1 Lesson and Questionnaire are also featured so that the child will know how to respond in the event that an emergency should occur. And, finally, pictures of an ambulance and supplies are presented to acquaint the child with emergency gear and supplies to familiarize children with the world of EMS and Professional Safety Professionals in a friendly, non-threatening manner. It teaches children that ambulances are not fearsome. It demonstrates that equipment and personnel are there to help.

The overall effect of your distribution of these activity books is to promote hours of personal reading and learning through activities, driving the message home without the need for lecture by reaching them with powerful points the child just can’t leave behind.

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