Written by an award winning EMS educator, The Adventures of Tommi Lance Storybooks are excellent tools on the road to the educational enrichment process, with flagposts of awareness and warning signs of injury prevention. Although Tommi Lance the Ambulance is a darling, good-natured, fun-loving guy, he takes his play very seriously, promoting child safety one story at a time.

Tommi Lance Grows Up, the first book in the series, establishes the role of an ambulance during an emergency situation. The main character, Tommi Lance, the youngest ambulance in the town of Lanceville, travels throughout the town trying to help others with non-emergency tasks. It is not until he discovers someone who truly has an emergency that Tommi understands what it means to be an ambulance.

Once Tommi comprehends his job, he and his friends travel on to a variety of venues–fun, yet still not free from peril–and find individuals in need of medical attention, whether at a campground, on the beach, or in a mid-winter marvel. Tommi’s First Snowfall, Tommi Goes to the Beach, and Tommi Goes Camping also demonstrate the types of dangers to be wary of in different environments and how injuries should be prevented or treated to heal injury, avoid pain, and even evade long-term or permanent disability. As an added educational resource, each book contains a page featuring a Tommi’s Tips Chalkboard summarizing safety and emergency care for the injuries and illnesses demonstrated in the book with advice from Tommi himself.

The scope of Tommi’s safety topics and emergency responses knows no boundaries. The four books noted above comprise the first series of many on the storyboard or in production planning to be dedicated exclusively to child safety and injury prevention. Tommi has addressed and/or plans to speak to virtually all topics related to childhood injury and mortality. He also determines what specific types of accidental injuries may be related to a specific situation or locale, e.g. city folks in the country, injuries common to different vacation destinations, environmental factors out in natural surroundings, why a cut must be cleaned or a splinter removed and much more.

Tommi has been well received at book readings, guest appearances and in other feedback we’ve received. One powerful compliment we continue to receive is that, while children do not like being “preached to,” our books are regarded as subtle and said to bring the safety message home “without the lecture.”

Each book is manufactured with 100-pound weight paper featuring bright, bold illustrations with thick-coated matte finish and are hardbound with a re-enforced spine to withstand the mighty hands of a three-year-old. The target audience is children two to ten. Each cover features an embossed title as well as embossing of the main character, Tommi Lance.

While our cartoon hero is presented to catch a young audience’s attention, the stories and other characteristics are fundamental and realistic so that the lessons are authentic and the instructions are real, all presented in a manner to engage, educate and entertain the young reader to: “THINK SAFE! BE SAFE!

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