Our Program has been designed for implementation as follows, but feel free to add your own creative flair to suit your own organization’s special needs:



The Adventures of Tommi Lance Books - Presenting The Adventures of Tommi Lance Storybooks to your local Day Care, Pre-School, Kindergarten, Elementary School or other childrens’ service facility for book readings is economical, portable and convenient. Reading one or more of the storybooks is an excellent lecture portion of your safety visit or may be used as a warm-up to your own topic for the day.

The affordable pricing easily allows you to leave a special keepsake of your visit by presenting a gift set to the Library of each facility you visit for further safety studies. (Ask us about bulk pricing which is available for modest order quantities.)

Books can also be designed, written and tailored to meet the needs of your distinctive organization and its surroundings, for example, railroads, quarries, ATV and skiing areas, agricultural areas and so much more. Ask about pricing for both your own Storybooks and Activity Books. You may be surprised at our reasonable pricing, all presented to do our part to engage, educate and entertain the young reader.

Tommi Talks Safety EMS Activity Booklet ~ This Educational Activity Book is a 16-page coloring-style booklet filled with enlightening reading material and activities addressing many of the most dangerous unintentional injuries facing children through age 14. These booklets would make an excellent means to preserve the safety message by allowing the youthful participant to take home information in one delightful book. It is presented through the use of visuals, games and puzzles to make it fun and educational. It expounds on information regarding general safety, first aid as well as accessing 9-1-1.

Bullet points of information are provided for each topic including: fire safety, water safety, pedestrian safety, poisons, playground safety, stranger safety, and how / when to call 9-1-1. The back cover is Tommi's own game of Backseat Scavenger Hunt to keep kids quiet while in the car.


Tommi's Worst Day Ever a 12-page color storybook in which Tommi finds himself responding to various motor and highway related injuries because his friends weren't following the safety rules. Covers specific Highway Related Injury dangers to children ages 2 to 14 which they encounter every day in transportation, around the home, in cars and in play areas. This entertaining yet gripping storybook serves as an introduction for the Tommi Talks Safety In and Around CARS Activity Booklet.

Each page identifies a different road hazard including: not wearing a seatbelt, running out into the road without lookiing, not crossing the street at crosswalks, running up to a car in the driveway, playing inside a parked car, distracting the driver, and more.

On the back cover is an activity where children can identify road hazards. The answers and reasons for the unsafe activities are listed on the inside back cover.

Tommi Talks Safety In and Around CARS Activity Booklet ~ This Activity Booklet works great with Tommi's Worst Day Ever Storybook or as a stand alone product.

The booklet provides safety tips for road hazards such as playing near the road, riding in a car without seatbelts, distracting the driver of a car or bus and much more. Not only entertaining, this book drives home the message of how to Think Safe and Be Safe in and around CARS.


Junior EMT / Paramedic Foil Badge Stickers - After presenting a safety awareness program to youngsters of any age, award each youngster with a Badge to “deputize” them as a Junior EMT/Paramedic. The badges are self-adhesive and made of beautifully reflective gold foil. Children love to pretend and, with these “badges,” they can be Junior EMS/Paramedic providers, giving them a sense of duty over the need for safety and EMS.


EMS Awareness Safety Certificates - Certificates impress tiny tikes and you can present one to each child who takes part in a safety awareness program. Children love recognition and this Certificate can be used to reinforce this need and their personal responsibility to stay safe.


Bookmarks - Not only are the bookmarks traditionally functional, they are also a constant reminder of safety tips in a bullet-list format. They mark not only one’s place in a story- or activity book, but they also mark the way to a bright, healthy future.

Now available in two versions:

Tommi's Safety Tips: includes tips on general topics such as falls, fire safety, water safety, the use of 9-1-1, bicycling and motor vehicle safety and more.

Tommi's Buckle Up Safety Tips: includes tips on how to stay safe in and around cars.


Specialty Items
- Our Research and Program Development Department is prepared for virtually any related product you have in mind. If you can define the need, we can find exceptional ways to meet any distinctive requirements.

The Website - In addition to the books, we have an extremely comprehensive website filled with educational material as well as games and activities to teach children about safety and first aid while providing a venue to just have fun. If a child should wish to check on the prognosis of a patient Tommi took to the hospital, he or she can simply go to the website at www.tommilance.com, click on “Hospital” and see if the patient has had an x-ray, E.R. exam, oxygen or other treatment with explanations of what is involved with each.

An entry page to Tommi’s website could be developed specifically for your organization to meet your particular needs. A portion of Tommi’s website could be developed for you within Tommi’s site, or your own Tommi Lance website could be developed to fit your group’s particular needs. Development, creation and maintenance of innovative websites is one of ILT’s most popular services.

[ Visit www.tommilance.com ]

All in all, the Program’s tools as described are comprehensive, its educational material is sound, and its entertainment value is a solid foundation on which to teach children in your care to: THINK SAFE! BE SAFE!


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